Guernsey Buys Thales Radar

Thales UK has announces it has won a contract to supply Guernsey Airport with its STAR 2000 primary radar and co-mounted RSM 970S Mode S secondary radar.
Thales says the radar system offers Guernsey Airport a complete standalone system that will improve safety, detection range capabilities and manage the projected increase in flights well into the future.
The new radars will replace the obsolete Watchman-S radar and remove the need for Guernsey to procure a data feed from Jersey Airport for the secondary data. Instead the two airports will now share radar data.
STAR 2000 is a S-band primary surveillance radar for approach and the extended approach control area.  
Thales states that the STAR 2000 will be co-mounted with its RSM 970S Mode-S monopulse secondary surveillance radar which will give the air traffic controller complete support in severe air traffic conditions by detecting and measuring the position of aircraft (range and bearing). The Mode-S functions of the secondary radar also request additional information from the aircraft itself, such as its identity and altitude.
In addition to the supply of the co-mounted radars Thales will also provide project management, installation, commissioning and training on the two radar types. The project is due for completion early 2013.
Guernsey Airport Director Colin Le Ray commented: “We are looking forward to working with Thales on this project. The addition of a secondary radar at Guernsey Airport for the first time will bring both improved resilience and economic benefits to the airport and the Channel Islands Control Zone”.
Marion Broughton, head of Thales UK’s aerospace business, said: “Guernsey Airport selected Thales UK in the face of stiff competition.  We believe that our operationally proven radars provide the best combination of low risk, high availability and the best technology in a cost-effective package.
“Guernsey Airport joins Birmingham, London Oxford, Belfast International, Cardiff, Manston and Inverness airports as those who have also selected the STAR 2000 radar.  We look forward to working closely with Guernsey airport throughout the year to deliver the radars and training elements of the contract.”