UK Air Passenger Duty Campaign

Air Passenger Duty (APD), paid by airlines for every customer flying from a UK airport, is the highest aviation tax in the world.
It has increased more than three-fold on many routes in the last six years, and is also confusing and unfair.  Using British Airways as an example, customers travelling in World Traveller Plus (a premium economy-type product) pay the same rate of APD as those in First class, and customers flying to the Caribbean pay more than those travelling to Hawaii.
Many readers will have felt the impact of APD when booking travel, but its effects go far beyond the individual: the tax discourages overseas tourists and business people from visiting the UK. 
Airlines and airports have long campaigned for reform of this unfair tax and now UK residents have a chance to make their voice heard by contacting their Member of Parliament online.  Visit or copy and paste the following link into your browser then, simply enter your postcode, and name and address, and an email to your MP will be automatically generated.  
The campaign, which is backed by many organisations in the UK travel industry, is aiming for 100,000 emails to Britain’s MPs over the summer.