Fraport Executive Board

The supervisory board of Fraport AG has appointed Michael Müller as the company’s new executive board member for labour relations.  Mr Müller now has board responsibility for human resources, the airport security management strategic business unit and the central purchasing unit.
Anke Giesen has also been appointed as a new fifth member to the executive board.  The role includes responsibility for retail and properties, and the ground services strategic business unit.  She will also oversee management development activities for Fraport.
Supervisory board Chairman Karlheinz Weimar commented:  “I am pleased that we have won two outstanding management personalities who offer excellent expertise and wide-ranging experience.  Ms Giesen’s career spans key personnel areas and includes a strong strategic business orientation – serving with the management team of Pfleiderer for the new reorientation of its West European business segment, as well as the integration of new plants in Canada and the USA; and currently as executive board member of Douglas Holding in the retail and real estate sector.
“Mr Müller – as a Fraport insider – knows the company inside out and from top to bottom.  Müller’s roots are in our region and he possesses tremendous experience in cooperating with works councils and unions,” he said.