Global Push to Tackle Emissions

IATA has welcomed the positive outcome of the Washington meeting, held from July 31 to August 1, 2012, during which 17 of the world’s largest aviation powers met to discuss constructive steps towards a global deal to address international aviation emissions, under ICAO.
As expected, the attendees reaffirmed their strong opposition to the European Union’s (EU) unilateral and extra-territorial inclusion of international aviation in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).
The 17 non-EU governments agreed to pursue the goals of the ICAO Assembly’s 2010 Resolutions, which include achieving carbon-neutral growth from 2020.  On the development of Market-Based Measures (MBMs), the group reconfirmed that it wanted to continue exploring the feasibility of a global MBM scheme, while recognising the need to prioritise work on developing a framework for such a scheme.
Additionally, IATA has also welcomed the passing of a bill in the United States Senate Commerce Committee, which prohibits US carriers from participating in the EU ETS.  The bill was passed with unanimous bi-partisan support, and makes specific provision for officials to use their authority to conduct international negotiations to pursue a worldwide approach to address aircraft emissions.