MIA’s New Arrivals Facility Open

Miami International Airport, USA, opened its new international arrivals facility on July 31.  Passengers arriving at Concourses D, E and F are now being welcomed by a three-level, 400,000sq ft (37,161m2) facility, located in the centre of the North Terminal and adjacent to the Concourse D skytrain.
The facility comprises a passport control area with 72 lanes that can process 2,000 passengers per hour – twice the capacity of Concourse E’s 36 lanes.  There are also six dedicated lanes for Global Entry, which provides expedited processing for travellers who have registered with US Customs and Border Protection.
The second level has a spacious baggage claim area and an exit for connecting flights.  A greeters’ lobby is located on the first level with a terrazzo floor, which features a picture of the globe with the words ‘Gateway of the World’ written across it.
Miami is now the top US airport for international flights, with nearly 1,300 weekly services to 85 destinations.  (Image – MIA)