Toronto Double Contract

Designer and architect The Design Solution has been independently appointed by both Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), which operates Toronto Pearson Airport, and airport retailer The Nuance Group (TNG), to work on the commercial planning of Terminals 1 and 3, and to design all of TNG’s duty- and tax-free operations at the airport, respectively.
Terminal 3’s new plan will channel all international and domestic traffic through one security zone and channel transborder traffic through a separate zone.  Director responsible for the project, Robbie Gill, stated:  “We were part of the Arup team that worked on these principles a year ago and are thrilled to have a new appointment to plan these new major commercial areas in detail.”
Both commercial areas will feature redesigned duty-free shops, a mix of speciality retail and food & beverage with holding areas for common seating.
Mr Gill commented:  “It has been a great experience working with TNG North America’s team.  There are different dynamics between this market and the European model [where the two companies have worked together in the past] but the principles are the same: clarity; clear messages; great products displayed forcefully; confident circulation routes; and most of all, a strong local flavour.”
The project is the first in a major international airport, where The Design Solution has been appointed by both the airport and the major airport retailer independently.