July 2012 Was Olso Gardermoen’s Busiest Month

In July 2012, a total of 2,072,534 passengers travelled through Oslo Airport,
Norway.  This is an increase of 99,088, or 5.0 %, over July 2011, and a new passenger record for a single month.
The number of international charter passengers showed strong growth in July
(8.4%), which is also a record high for a single month.
Vegar Gystad, Gardermoen’s Head of Information commented, “We
have reason to believe that the Norwegian summer has influenced travellers to
seek sun and warmth.”
The number of passengers on international flights increased by 76,654 (6.2%), while domestic flights increased by 22,434 (3.1%) passengers.  So far this year, the passenger increase has been 5.5%.
The number of aircraft movements in July was 17,857, representing an increase of 4.5% over July 2011.
Among the ten busiest routes, Oslo-Copenhagen and Oslo-Tromsø saw the largest increases of about 11%.