Copenhagen’s Baggage Progress

Crisplant, part of BEUMER Group, has announced the completion of the first stage of a phased upgrade and modernisation of Copenhagen Airport’s high-level controls for the
central part of its Crisplant baggage handling system.  The software enhancement follows the successful upgrade of the hardware platform for high-level controls.  It was carried out whilst the airport and the baggage handling system continued normal operations, with no disruption to passengers, airlines or handlers.
Kristian Durhuss, Chief Operating Officer at Copenhagen Airports commented, “The first phase has been successfully completed in time for this summer’s peak period and phase two is scheduled for completion after the summer, leaving Copenhagen Airport
with a fully upgraded and redundant system which can cope with the ever-growing
passenger numbers.  The completion of Phase One of the upgrade will deliver substantial increases in operational reliability in addition to higher efficiency.”
The upgrade comprises a multiple-terminal control system to ensure efficient baggage handling and optimum baggage transfer times, in addition to supporting future airport
expansions to meet a predicted growth in passenger numbers.