Aviramp Delivered to Saint Pierre Pierrefonds

The new-generation Aviramp entered service in early August. (Aviramp)

Saint Pierre Pierrefonds Airport on the French island of Réunion has taken delivery of a second generation Aviramp Continental boarding ramp.  Its components were manufactured at Aviramp’s facility in Telford, UK, before being shipped to Réunion while lies east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.
Upon arriving at the airport it was assembled in four days (including on-site training) by just two staff.
Thought to be the world’s only portable jet-bridge the Aviramp has gentle 8° slopes which are designed to be suitable for all passengers, including those with reduced mobility (PRMs) and wheelchair users.
The manufacturer reports that the first PRM passenger to use the new Aviramp was a lady that arrived on board an Air Mauritius Airbus A319 in early August.
Ground handling staff were ready and waiting to help her down the ramp
in a wheelchair, but when she saw the ramp, she said that she felt that she
could manage on the ramp and “didn’t want to trouble the staff.”
Having successfully coped with the ramp she then opted to ride in the wheelchair to the terminal building.
Stephane Courtois, Ground Handling Manager for ZSE said that he had spoken to one of the pilots on the Air Mauritius flight who had described the Aviramp as “a great piece of equipment.”