Airport Supporters set to Deliver 25,000-Name Petition

Supporters fighting to prevent Plymouth City Airport, UK, from being turned into a housing estate will today deliver a 25,000-name petition urging planners to save the site.
The airport closed on December 23, 2011, after its owners, the property development company Sutton Harbour Holdings (SHH), announced it was unprofitable.  The petition’s hand over date of August 23rd was chosen because it marks one year since SHH announced its intention to close the airport.
Local support group Viable, which boasts aviation professionals amongst its membership, has collected its signatures over a period of approximately six months.  It hopes to take over the airport and run it profitably.  Its members say that they will take part in a parade along one of Plymouth’s main streets before handing the petition over to the leader of Plymouth City Council at 12pm. 
Viable says that it already has enough financial backers to re-open the airport if SHH’s current lease deal can be removed.
The airport’s land cannot be used for any other purpose without the city council’s written permission, so the council effectively has the final say on the airport’s future.
Any petition containing over 5,000 signatures automatically earns a debate at the next full city council meeting and enables the petition’s organiser to put their case to the council.