Gatwick Seeks Views on P-RNAV

Gatwick Airport has announced that a three-month public consultation is taking place to implement an air traffic system called P-RNAV.  The system, which has been trialled on a limited basis at the airport for six years, utilises the full navigation capability of modern aircraft and improves the track keeping for departing flights.
The proposed implementation is in line with the Civil Aviation Authority’s policy for the application of performance based navigation in UK airspace, which effectively requires all conventional departure routes from airports to be replaced with a minimum of a P-RNAV standard.
The consultation aims to get views on the proposed implementation of the P-RNAV system on all current departure routes and the process for transitioning all departing aircraft from Gatwick Airport onto the new standard of navigation within five years.
The consultation, run in accordance with CAA guidelines, will run until October 19, 2012 and responses will be accepted up to Friday November 12.  The full consultation document is available on the Gatwick Airport website,
Gatwick Airport says that it is consulting directly with the airport’s consultative committee (GATCOM) and political representatives in the proposed affected areas.  It is also planning to hold public events in the relevant noise affected communities.  At these public events, staff from Gatwick Airport and NATS will be on hand to provide further details and to answer any questions.


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