ADB Partners With Exel Composites

Airfield ground lighting solutions provider ADB has joined hands with technology company Exel Composites to offer frangible masts and towers for airfield lighting.  This will help ADB expand its solution offering, while ensuring a safer landing for pilots.
As part of this partnership, ADB will offer Exel’s poles and masts, and customise them to suit the geophysical structure of the airport.  These products are fully Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) compliant, and ensure complete airfield safety.
“Most aircraft accidents occur during the approach to landing, or on the take-off phase. It is therefore, extremely important that structures supporting approach lighting should be compliant with international frangibility ruling,” Christian Onselaere, CEO of ADB.  “This partnership with Exel is aimed at bringing two leading airfield brands together to provide a better, secure and concerted offering to the market.”