easyJet Revamps Onboard Menu

In response to passenger demand, UK airline easyJet has upgraded its Bistro menu, which is now available to all travellers onboard.  The menu will now include a greater variety of filling snacks with sweet treats such as mini cupcakes, chocolate brownies and cookies.  The savoury menu has also been expanded to include soup, pitted olives and a luxury nut selection pack.
Sharon Huetson, the carrier’s Strategic Partnership Manager In-Flight, commented:  “It’s great when we can deliver on feedback and the new menu certainly provides a ‘café in the sky’ feel.  We’ve also been able to ensure our fresh food range of snacks […] complements the local country markets where our flights operate.”
easyJet’s onboard boutique has also been increased with additional skincare and beauty accessories.
(Image:  KEY – Caroline Cook)