Fraport Completes Test-phase for new Pier A-Plus

Fraport has announced that during the course of eight days in September 2012, 2,000 test passengers put Frankfurt Airport’s new Pier A-Plus at Terminal 1 to the test.
Testing covered wayfinding, security control, passport control and boarding processes.  The test passengers comprised all age groups and had to register via the Internet to participate in the A-Plus test phase.
“With the help of these test passengers, during the past few weeks we have been able to check all of the processes essential for smooth-running daily operations when the new A-Plus goes into service,” said Martina Pfeffer, Fraport AG’s head of terminal capacity management.  As planned, the new Pier A-Plus will be inaugurated on October 10, when the first passengers and flights begin using this new facility.  “Feedback from our test passengers has proven to be particularly important and valuable for the final fine tuning.  Once again, we wish to thank all of the dedicated participants.  Following this successful completion of the test phase, we have a clear path for inaugurating Frankfurt Airport’s new pier,” Ms Pfeffer added.
Fraport says that Frankfurt’s Pier A-Plus offers the latest in terminal technology and
design, as well as a wide range of innovative shopping, food and beverage and other amenities for up to six million passengers per year.  This latest expansion at Frankfurt Airport is one of many measures for securing its role and competitiveness in the international air transportation system.
The new terminal area expands Terminal 1 by about 2,625ft (800m) westwards and provides more than 1,995, 630 sq ft (185,400m²) of total space.  Pier A-Plus has seven docking positions for wide-body aircraft: four capable of handling the Airbus A380 and three the A340-600.

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  1. From 177 airports, FRAPORT is among three most effective, in any way of service. Only airport police looking too strict, not relax and do not leave proper image of generally almost top airport in commercial aviation to honestly, any passengers. After my 3.500.000km criss-crossing planet with aircrafts Frankfurt
    Airport is one to which is feeling great to flying.
    Yours Rodney Marinkovic Aircraft Mechanical Engineer (ret.) Kraljevo / Sydney

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