Emirates Offers First Mobile Phone Service on A380 Aircraft

Emirates now offers the world’s first inflight mobile phone service on-board an A380 aircraft.  In partnership with Emirates connectivity partner, OnAir, passengers aboard Emirates’ A380 aircraft can now be able to stay in touch via phone calls or through the mobile data link on their personal devices with their family, friends and colleagues while inflight.  The service is in addition to the OnAir WiFi service already available on Emirates A380 aircraft.
The OnAir system allows passengers to use their own mobile phones to make and receive phone calls and text messages from Emirates A380 aircraft inflight, just as they would on the ground, using EDGE/GPRS connections through their mobile service provider. Emirates first A380 equipped with the full suite of OnAir connectivity departed from Dubai international Airport to Munich International Airport on October 2 and the first recorded A380 inflight call was placed to China while the aircraft cruised at approximately 37,000ft (11,500m) flying across the Gulf.
“Our goal on every flight is to exceed our passenger’s’ expectations and meet our passengers’ desire to stay in touch while travelling,” said Patrick Brannelly, Emirates Vice President Corporate Communications Product, Publishing, Digital and Events.
“Beginning in 1993 with first passenger satellite phone service to last year with our A380 Wi-Fi system, Emirates has always taken the approach that providing the latest in inflight service and connectivity is a key part of our passengers’ journey.  Emirates continues to invest in the most innovative technology possible and promises to keep pushing the boundaries of the inflight innovation for the benefit of our passengers.”
The OnAir mobile system will be available on all future A380 deliveries and will be retro-fitted to Emirates current fleet of 25 A380 aircraft.

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  1. Lovely to read. Such an awesome innovation. Emirates has proven to be one step ahead of the pack. Good job, keep it up!

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