UK Flights’ Punctuality Falls in Q2

Data released by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) shows that between April and June 2012, the overall on-time performance (defined as the proportion of flights arriving or departing early or up to 15 minutes late) of 350,000 scheduled flights at ten monitored UK airports was 78%, down by 4% compared with the second quarter in 2011.  The average delay was 12 minutes, one more minute than in the same period last year.

Iain Osborne, CAA Group Director for Regulatory Policy, commented:  “Passengers are entitled to expect a good value flight that gets them to their destination on time.  These figures show that the majority of passengers using UK airports are receiving that level of service.  However, the drop in performance for scheduled flights is a warning sign – more can be done, and we urge airports, airlines and air traffic control to work together to reverse this trend, reduce delays and ensure even more passengers reach their destination on time.”

On-time performance for scheduled flights at London airports fell by 4% to 77%, and the average delay increased year-on-year by 2 minutes to 13 minutes.  Heathrow had the largest fall by 6% to 73%, whereas Luton improved its on-time performance by 1%.  Gatwick’s performance fell by 3%, Stansted’s decreased by 2% and London City by 1%.

At other airports, the on-time performance for scheduled flights fell by 2% and the average delay increased by one minute.  Manchester and Birmingham’s on-time performance fell by 3%, Glasgow decreased by 2%, Edinburgh by 1%, but it increased at Newcastle by 1%.

In the same time period, the punctuality of 20,000 charter passenger flights increased by 2% to 77% and the average delay was 17 minutes, a decrease of three minutes.