US Senate Exempts US Carriers from EU ETS Scheme

The US Senate has passed a bill that enables the US Transportation Secretary to tell US airlines not to participate in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS).
The move came one week after 19 US aviation industry companies wrote to US President Barack Obama asking him to pass legislation that will stop American air carriers from being included in the EU ETS.
The European Commission has been enforcing its taxation scheme since January 2012, in what the European body describes as a major effort to combat global warming.
The US House of Representatives had already voted in favour of the EU ETS Prohibition Act of 2011, which essentially prevents US carriers from taking part in the EU ETS.
The US now joins other non-EU countries – including China, India and Russia – in opposing the scheme and increases pressure on ICAO to devise a world-wide alternative that will be acceptable to all nations.
(Image:  Key – Craig West)