Storm Sandy: Airlines and Airports Start Their Recovery Process

The flooded La Guardia Airport on October 30, 2012. (Photo U S Coast Guard)
The flooded La Guardia Airport on October 30, 2012. (Photo U S Coast Guard)

Airports and airlines operating in the north-east US are gradually starting to revive their services on Wednesday after an almost complete two-day closure caused by the so-called super storm Sandy.

Hundreds of aircraft and thousands of crew members will need to be repositioned into the
required place within the respective airlines’ networks before services can return to normal so widespread disruption seems certain for the rest of this week.  There are numerous estimates of how many flights were cancelled due to the storm with perhaps the final figure being as high as 20,000.

Both New York’s JFK and La Guardia airports have been affected by flooding and the
city’s subway system remains closed and some connecting roads also affected, however, JFK and Newark airports have already reopened.
Washington’s Airports survived the storm without damage or flooding and both Dulles and Regan airports reopened on Tuesday.   As of Wednesday morning the majority of
their services were operating again, though some flights are still being cancelled.

Boston Logan also reopened on Tuesday and the majority of its services have been
reinstated, though some disruption is still ongoing.