New BAR UK Chief Executive

The Board of Airline Representatives in the UK (BAR UK) appointed Dale Keller as Chief Executive on October 19, following the retirement of Mike Carrivick on November 9.
Mr Keller has held airline management roles with Air Mauritius and Air Malta, and previously held the position of BAR UK board member representing the African region.  Immediately preceding the appointment, he provided PR consultancy to BAR UK through KTA Public Relations.  His aviation, travel and tourism career spans 25 years in the UK and his native New Zealand.
Chair Sandra Bloodworth commented:  “On behalf of the Board, we are delighted to welcome Dale as Chief Executive and we look forward to drawing upon his extensive aviation experience.  There has, arguably, never been a more crucial time for aviation in the UK, and BAR UK plays a vital role in communicating the widest collective voice of the industry.”