Stavanger Reduces Queues

UK-based Herbert Systems has won a contract to supply six TRS Automatic Tray Return Systems to the security checkpoint at Stavanger Sola Airport in Norway.
The Herbert TRS is a flexible modular system for handling cabin baggage, designed to eliminate bottlenecks and stress at security checkpoints, move passengers through the area at greater speed and, at the same time, free-up security staff to spend less time moving trays and more on maintaining a security presence.  Herbert says the system is easily configured to fit into almost any space.
Stavanger’s current manual system involves the transfer of trays by trolley, which is time-consuming, labour-intensive and also causes conflict with in-bound passengers when the queue maze reaches capacity.
Airport operator Avinor discovered the TRS being promoted at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2011 in Copenhagen.  After winning the contract, Herbert’s engineers travelled to Stavanger to see existing problems and safety issues and devised the most efficient layout for a TRS system.
A statement from Avinor said: “If the numbers we have received are correct, we hope to improve throughput up to 80% [compared with] today’s old manual system.”
Andy Dowe, Business Development Manager at Herbert Systems, commented: “The Herbert TRS enables an IATA-sized tray to be presented automatically to each passenger at the security checkpoint at the right height for loading.  Without having to wait for security staff, the passenger can load the tray immediately, speeding up the whole process.  Trays pass along the line at a pre-defined spacing.  At the end of the line, the trays are automatically returned, without staff having to lift or move them.”
The new system is part of a major project to relocate the central search area at Stavanger to the side of its existing position.  Herbert worked closely with the project manager and management team at Stavanger, and the main contractor Actus Radgivning, to customise the TRS to airport needs.