Munich Extends InfoGate to Terminal 2

Following Munich Airport’s successful launch of its internally-developed InfoGate passenger guidance and information system in Terminal 1, it is now operational in Terminal 2.
At the InfoGate counter, the airport visitor only has to push a button to instantly start a videoconference with an information service agent.   During the conversation, both sides see each other as life-size screen images in real time.   Six of these InfoGate Counters are now set up Terminal 2.  Thanks to the virtual InfoGate Counters, quality information is now available in areas of the terminal that previously had no information service coverage.
In addition to the devices offering individual service, airport visitors can also use the ten new interactive InfoGate pillars. Using touchscreen, passengers can access the range of information on services, shopping and dining at the airport to find what they need and learn how to get there.  Among other functions, the information pillars can display a computer-animated airport map to show the quickest route to a gate, shop or restaurant. The system computes the distance and the estimated walking time to the indicated destination (gate, shop, etc.).