Warsaw Welcomes LOT’s First 787

At 10.51 on November 16, Warsaw Chopin Airport welcomed LOT Polish Airlines’ first Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  LOT was the first European carrier to receive the Dreamliner two days previously, making Warsaw’s airport the first European base for the aircraft.
Chopin Airport has been preparing to welcome and handle the 787 for several months, including major work to Runway 1.  Six parking stands are ready for 787s, each with wireless internet access, making it possible to download updates of the aircraft control software directly from the manufacturer’s servers.
A huge advertising banner showing the Dreamliner has been put up on the landside façade of the terminal, and to celebrate the arrival, special messages were played over the airport’s public announcement system and shown on the flight information screens.
From December 14, LOT will use the aircraft to operate short-haul, intra-European services.  The first passenger flight will be on the Warsaw-Prague route.  After that, Dreamliners will start flying to other European airports and, from January 16, 2013, transatlantic destinations, beginning with Warsaw-Chicago.  LOT’s Dreamliners will also operate between Warsaw and New York, Toronto and Beijing.
LOT has seven additional Dreamliners on order.
(Image:  Warsaw Chopin Airport)