New UK Analysis Shows Millions Rely on Aviation Jobs

An analysis carried out by the Aviation Foundation using government statistics focusing on tourism, inward investment and exports has revealed the importance of air travel to UK business.
It showed that in 2011, goods worth £60 billion (US$95.7bn) were exported.  Almost 3 million people work in tourism and 3.7 million people are employed by foreign-owned companies dependent on good air links for location and trade.
The aviation industry directly employs 220,000 people nationally.
The foundation has launched the Great British Flying Test campaign to highlight to politicians and communities the importance of aviation to the local economy.  The campaign includes a film made in the town furthest away from a major international airport, showing how even there a striking number of people rely on aviation.
Willie Walsh of International Airlines Group, owner of British Airways, Colin Matthews of Heathrow, Charlie Cornish of MAG and Steve Ridgway of Virgin Atlantic came together to say:  “Local businesses across the UK desperately need world-class air links.  Britain has been a proud pioneer in aviation but we are in danger of taking this for granted and falling behind our better-connected competitors.
“We want to see a greater number of politicians championing aviation.  Our Great British Flying Test campaign will be showing them how many of their constituents’ jobs depend on aviation and we look forward to discussing the results with them in the run-up to the next election.”
(Image courtesy of ARINC)

(Aviation Foundation)