Ryanair Slashes BUD Routes

European airline Ryanair announced on November 22 that it would implement 40% cuts at its Budapest Airport base with the closure of ten routes, loss of more than 170 weekly flights and reduction of its five based aircraft to three.
It wishes to carry out the changes from January 10, 2013, after the airport “increased charges, refused to provide efficient facilities and failed to offer a competitive cost base for future growth offered by Ryanair”, the carrier claimed.
Ryanair estimates that traffic will fall by 800,000 passengers and up to 800 jobs will be lost on-site, accusing the airport of a disinterest in building Hungarian tourism.
However, the airport has disagreed, saying Ryanair has exaggerated the losses and arguing that the reductions are mainly due to the winter schedule, rather than issues between the two parties.
Ryanair is removing Baden, Birmingham, Bologna, Düsseldorf, Krakow, Lübeck, Malaga, Munich, Oslo and Thessaloniki from its route network at Budapest.