Interactive Digital Assistant for Dubai

(Photo: Tensator)

Dubai International Airport has taken delivery of what is believed to be the world’s first interactive digital virtual assistant.  The high-definition projected hologram, which was designed to the airport’s specification, offers passengers important security and travel information via a touchscreen.
Located in the departure area of Dubai International’s Terminal 3, the interactive virtual assistant greets passengers with audio and video information, as well as inviting passengers to interact with ‘her’.  Passengers can access both Arabic and English information relating to frequently asked questions such as the location of departure gates, restrooms and check-in areas via the interactive touchscreen.
They are able to search for the information or select a specific service and, depending on the service selected, the virtual assistant delivers a targeted message or asks the traveller for additional information.
Dubai International Airport already had three first-generation (not-interactive) holograms in service.