AWG Awarded San Diego WiFi Contract

Network provider Advanced Wireless Group LLC (AWG) has been awarded a one-year contract to sponsor the public wireless Internet services (WiFi) at San Diego International Airport (SAN), USA.
Under AWG’s wireless management model, travellers will now enjoy a complimentary 45-minute session of unlimited service after watching a sponsored message.  A timer will alert passengers when their session is about to expire, where they will have the option to view another advertisement in order to enjoy as many complimentary sessions as they choose.
Scott Phillips, President and CEO at AWG, commented:  “Many airports in the US still have yet to adopt a wireless offering that appeals to the average traveller’s needs, though the trend seems to be slowly heading in that direction.  As mobile device usage amongst consumers continues to grow, we expect many more airports to recognise the importance of offering an alternative to the traditional, single, flat-fee model for wireless connectivity.”
With the increase in personal WiFi devices, wireless connectivity demand is expected to increase as a result of bandwidth-hungry applications.  AWG will also monitor daily traffic trends to ensure the delivery of a constant level of fully integrated service that meets the ever-changing needs of today’s airport travellers.
(Image:  SAN)