Boeing & Embraer Collaborate on Runway Safety

Aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Embraer have announced that they will provide customers with a shared set of tools, called Runway Situation Awareness Tools, to reduce runway excursions.
Aimed at significantly reducing runway excursions in the near term, Boeing and Embraer will provide customers with new pilot procedures and a training video on landing performance.  In the longer term, the companies will also develop joint technology and systems for the flight deck to improve pilot information about approach and landing. Based on data analysis of past incidents, the companies believe the Runway Situation Awareness Tools’ broad strategy to reduce runway excursions could be utilised by pilots flying other commercial aircraft, supporting overall industry safety.
“Runway excursion is one of the three major contributors to aviation accidents, and we firmly believe that a robust set of pilot procedures, training and new technology will substantially reduce these events,” said Paulo Cesar Silva, President and CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation.  “This is another result of a successful joint effort from Boeing and Embraer on technological fronts, with important gains for our airline customers.”
“New pilot procedures, training and technology are effective and practical ways to eliminate runway excursions for Boeing and Embraer customers,” said Ray Conner, President and CEO, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.  “We are very pleased to collaborate with Embraer to support our customers and further strengthen industry safety.”
The global commercial aviation industry has substantially reduced accidents and incidents in recent decades, but runway excursions remain a concern.  From 2002 to 2011, runway excursions accounted for 15 out of a total of 79 fatal accidents and resulted in more than 780 deaths.