Most On-Time Flights for London City

According to figures released by the Civil Aviation Administration, London City Airport (LCY) had the most on-time flights in the UK during the third quarter of 2012.
Of the ten airports monitored, LCY recorded 91% on-time performance with a shortest average delay of just five minutes.
Chief Commercial Officer Matthew Hall commented:  “These figures are a huge boost for our team who have been working tirelessly to improve turnaround times for aircraft and get flights out on time.  London City Airport prides itself on the convenience it offers to passengers, from the ease of access from central London, to the short time it takes to get through departures and arrivals, and the reliability of our service demonstrates that we are delivering on that promise.
The average on-time performance across all airports was 80% and average delay was 12 minutes.
(Image: LCY)