Dubai Opens the World’s First A380 Concourse

Dubai Airports has announced the phased opening of Concourse A, the world’s first A380 facility at Dubai International’s Terminal 3, with four of its 20 contact gates being brought
into operation on January 2.  The concourse’s first departure was EK003 which left its gate at 14:40 bound for London Heathrow.
Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports said: “Just as we did with what turned out to be a flawless opening of Terminal 3 and Concourse B in 2008 – which was a much larger and more complex exercise involving the complete transfer of Emirates airline’s operations to
the new facility – we are opening Concourse A in stages with more gates coming online in each successive phase.  We believe that this approach of gradual transition will enable us and all our partners to ensure smooth operations and help us to deliver on our customer
service commitment.”
A another critical element of the $7.8 billion Strategic Plan 2020, Concourse A is part of the Terminal 3 complex exclusively built for the use of Emirates airline, and will provide
Dubai International’s the much needed room as its passenger traffic approaches full capacity. Dubai International’s annual passenger capacity will increase from 60 million to 75 million when Concourse A is fully operational, while traffic for 2012 is expected to reach 57 million.
The facility will be featured in the January/February edition of Airports International magazine.