Lower Airport Charges at Chopin Airport

Chopin Airport has introduced new discounts for airlines operating in Warsaw, Poland, making the charges among the lowest in central Europe.
Approved by the President of the Civil Aviation Office, the new charges came into effect on December 15, 2012.  Although basic rates remain unchanged since 2009, a number of new discounts have been put in place to encourage carriers to launch new services and increase frequencies.
The changes include:  an increase in the landing charge discount for a new European route from 75% to 85% in the first year, and from 50% to 75% in the second year; a discount for all transfer passengers (although domestic traffic will see a lesser discount that international); an increase in the flight frequency discount from 25% to 40%; and the introduction of a 25% landing charge discount for increases in cargo operations.
A landing charge discount for new non-European cargo routes has been introduced, with a 50% reduction in the first two years and 25% in the third year.  Aircraft refuelling will be charged at PLN179 (US$57) per operation and a charge has been introduced for aircraft guarding, at PLN200 ($64) per guard per hour.
Previous discounts which have been upheld include:  up to 99% off landing charges for new non-European routes; and a 15% passenger charge discount for domestic flights.
Piotr Nalej, Commercial Bureau Director, commented:  “We understand the difficult situation on the aviation market and make constant efforts to meet airlines’ expectations.  For the last four years, we have been systematically lowering airport charges by extending the discount system.”
(Image:  WSW)