Record Year for Faroe Islands / Vagar Airport

Figures released on January 7, 2013, show that 2012 was the busiest year in the history of Vagar / Faroe Islands Airport.
A 10.9% rise in passenger numbers resulted in 225.532 passengers passing through the Faroe Islands’ only airport last year.
Since its single runway was extended from 4,101ft (1,250m) to 5,902ft (1,799m) in December 2011, the airport reports there has: “been a steady stream of different types of aircraft and operators arriving and departing Vagar Airport.”
Today, Atlantic Airways is the only airline, which on a regular basis connects the Faroe Islands and Europe.  In March 2012, the carrier received its first Airbus 319 which has: “performed well since arriving in Vagar for the first time.”
The airport says its statistics show that regularity of flights to and from the Faroe Islands is “much improved” since the runway was extended.
The airport’s terminal was opened in 1978, when annual passenger figures totalled 46,525, so the Islands’ government has invested in the construction of a new facility, which is due to open in the spring of 2014.