Berlin Brandenburg: Delayed Beyond 2013

The opening of the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) has been delayed for a fourth time.  No new date has been set but it will not take place in 2013.
The airport’s joint owners, Berlin, Brandenburg and the German government, met the management team from Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH on January 7 to discuss the construction situation.  The airport operator’s press office subsequently announced that the airport operator’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Horst Amann, believed that the proposed opening date of October 27, 2013: “is no longer viable.”
A previous meeting attended by the airport COO Horst Amann, plus Rainer Bomba and Ralf Christophers from its Supervisory Board as well as other representatives of the German government and the states of Berlin and Brandenburg was held at the airport on December 18, 2012.  Representatives of Siemens and Bosch were also present.  Commenting on the discussion that took place in that meeting, Mr Amann said: “We evaluated the current situation and the next steps concerning the construction work at BER.  The analysis highlighted that there was an increased risk that the airport might not be operational by October 27, 2013, as planned.  However, we decided to continue the evaluation of the opening date, rather than cancelling the opening date a that stage.  This evaluation was concluded by January 4, 2013.”
That same day Mr Amann informed the airport’s joint owners that the airport would no longer be able to open on (by then third-proposed opening date) of October 27 2013.  This
fourth delay is the result of on-going problems with the fire protection system, in particularly, delivering the fresh air supply required if a fire occurred.
The overall complexity of the system is also listed as a contributing factor.  The airports press office says: “Based on the previous timetable, construction work was due to be completed by May 2013 to allow a five-month period for trial operations before the official opening.  According to Mr Amann, it is too early to discuss on a new opening date.”  The airport operator’s Supervisory Board will discuss the consequences of these further delays at a meeting later this month.