NATS Awards Lockheed Martin Seven-Year Contract Extension

UK air traffic control company NATS has awarded Lockheed Martin UK a seven-year contract extension to continue supporting the air traffic management systems based at Swanwick (pictured) and Prestwick.  Lockheed Martin will also support the NATS flight data processing system.
A wide range of services, including systems architecture, systems engineering, software development, systems integration and laboratory support, is provided under the contract.
The extension means that Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Solutions will continue to provide domain experts across all aspects of engineering and programme management, sustaining around 150 jobs in Whiteley, Hampshire.
NATS’ Managing Director of Operations, Martin Rolfe, commented:  “Our controllers are looking after aircraft in some of the busiest and most complex airspace anywhere in the world, so they need systems they can rely on.”
In the last financial year, NATS controllers guided 2.2 million flights over the UK and northern Atlantic.  Both companies were among the first to achieve certification against the BS11000 collaborative working standard and are active participants on the foundation board of the Institute for Collaborative Working.
(Image:  NATS)