Vienna: Modernised Check-in 1 Reopens

Vienna Airport’s large-scale terminal redevelopment continues.
Check-in 1, which was closed for refurbishing, reopened on January 9, 2013.
This terminal will now handle all flights by NIKI and airberlin as well as other carriers. The building now has additional check-in and ticket counters; a modern lighting concept and a remodelled ceiling and walls.  On January 9 the airlines that previously used Check-in 2 relocated to Check-in 1A.  Check-in 2 is now closed to allow for work on the underground baggage sorting equipment, which will shorten passenger routes from the B- and C-Gates to the central arrivals hall.  A new covered passenger walkway has already been added from the central arrivals hall to Car Park 3.
The airport says the modernised Check-in 1 will: “bring greater travel comfort, above all for NIKI and airberlin passengers.”

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  1. Well done Vienna Airport,
    keep in progress my first used and favorite Airport. Forty three years ago since my first take off from your runways . As one of advance and very modern airport I do wish to see growing number of passangers and size of terminals. To be fruitful and blessed new 2013 year. Many regards to all of hard working people at Vienna International Airport!
    Rodney Marinkovic, Aircraft Mechanical Engineer (ret.) Kraljevo / Sydney

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