ARINC Launches AviNet Mail Enterprise Hub

The ARINC AviNet Mail Enterprise Hub (eHub) for the Air Transport Community was launched on January 11.  The multi-user, web-based service gives aviation organisations a “robust” messaging environment.
By utilising cloud computing, eHub provides new capabilities that reportedly improve communications, decrease costs and enable the easy replacement of legacy messaging gateways.  The use of cloud computing software also eliminates the need for expensive international server installations or software license fees, building on the System as a Service (SaaS) model.
The system has been designed to be easily configured for either a single user or a global user with multiple divisions and departments with varying message requirements.  According to ARINC, it offers “simple user message management and includes free internal and local message routing, which reduces costs to the customer”.
Its single interface supports all messaging formats and protocols, including XML, Type X, Type B, SMTP, X400, Fax and SMS, in multiple languages.  Unlike other comparable systems, eHub performs Type B to SMS message delivery and offers a ‘right click, drag and drop’ function.
(Image:  ARINC)