Filton Airport Closes

After more than 100 years, Bristol’s Filton Airport, UK, has closed to all but the emergency service helicopters.
With a history steeped in aviation manufacturing, Filton had one of the largest runways in the UK, measuring 8,094ft (2,746m) x 300ft (91m).  It was the British manufacturing site for the Concorde airliner during the 1960s and 1970s.
Wings for A380s were made at the site but were moved to Airbus’ final assembly plant in Toulouse by surface transport, rather than the Beluga freight aircraft, which formerly flew from Filton.  Three days before the airfield closed, Airbus sent an A380 development aircraft to Filton to give its employees an opportunity to fly in it.
Filton’s owner BAE Systems closed the airfield after deeming its operation economically unviable.  Although the local air ambulance and police helicopters will continue to use the airfield for the time being, property developer Bridgehouse Capital Limited has bought the site on which around 2,500 homes are expected to be built.
Final flights were on December 21 and the airfield officially closed ten days later – barely a year after the southwest of England lost civil-operated Plymouth City Airport, Devon, which closed on December 23, 2011.