Athens: New Services and Upgrades

Athens International Airport (AIA) has introduced aesthetic and functional upgrades as well as new services in its Main Terminal building.
A new central information point to welcome passengers has been created on the arrivals level, replacing the two previous counters.  The bus gates have been renovated with new lighting and materials.  Also in arrival, virtual assistants have been installed at two selected arrivals points to offer 24-hour airport information for Schengen and non-Schengen passengers.
In the Schengen departures area, AIA has created an ‘Internet Island’, offering WiFi connection, information monitors, free computer access, mobile phone charging and specially-designed laptop bars.  A second island is planned for the arrivals area.
Eight new ‘Time to Gate’ monitors have been installed, allowing passengers to monitor their time in the terminal and avoid long queues.
AIA has also installed branded video walls at ten of its passenger boarding gates; these allow airlines to directly address their travellers with services and information relating to their destination.
In addition, arriving passengers can save time by submitting an automated report at new e-kiosks if their baggage is delayed.
(Image: AIA)