Boeing Makes Statement on US NTSB 787 Investigation

Boeing says it welcomes the progress being made in the 787 investigation discussed on January 24 by the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in Washington, DC.  The manufacturer issued a statement acknowledging the regulatory and investigative agencies in the US and Japan have dedicated substantial resources to these investigations, and thanks them for their effort and leadership.
Boeing says it is continuing to assist the NTSB and the other government agencies in the US and Japan responsible for investigating two recent 787 incidents relating to the type’s batteries. Boeing says it has formed teams consisting of hundreds of engineering and technical experts who are working around the clock: “with the sole focus of resolving the issue and returning the 787 fleet to flight status.”
With 787 deliveries halted and 50 aircraft that were ready already in service now grounded Boeing states it is: “working this issue tirelessly in cooperation with our customers and the appropriate regulatory and investigative authorities. The safety of passengers and crew members who fly aboard Boeing airplanes is our highest priority.”
The NTSB has said it is looking at: “every aspect” of the 787’s problems while Boeing says: “In order to ensure the integrity of the process and in adherence to international protocols that govern safety investigations, we are not permitted to comment directly on the on-going investigations.”  It adds that it: “deeply regrets” the impact that recent events have had on the operating schedules of its customers and their passengers.

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