New Flight Planning Lounge at Oxford

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(Image: Jetex)

Dubai-based Jetex Flight Support will open a new flight planning lounge at London Oxford Airport, UK, in mid-February.

Only using Jetex materials and information, the existing Oxfordjet Lounge will be rebranded as the Jetex Lounge with new furnishings, signage, aeronautical charts and pictures and world time zone clocks.  Computers will link directly with the company’s flight planning systems while also hosting generic flight planning software packages for crews to be able to do swift, stand-alone assessments of route options from the ground.

James Dillon-Godfray, the airport’s Business Development Director, commented:  “This is a strong branding partnership for our FBO as we mark the fifth birthday of Oxfordjet this year.  “[Jetex] becomes our first external partner which will help us further bolster our offering to new customers, in particular beyond the European region alone, especially the Middle East and the USA.”

Oxford Airport’s operations team will post daily updates on the Jetex Lounge notice boards, providing NOTAMs and other key weather and airspace data for crews.

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