Improved Baggage Handling at Chopin Airport

The average baggage delivery time at Chopin Airport, Warsaw, Poland, was reduced by more than half in 2012, following the airport’s involvement in the International Air Transport Association’s Baggage Improvement Programme (BIP).
The airport was invited to join BIP a year ago as the only Polish airport.  It appointed a team of experts from various sectors of the baggage handling process, including ground handling agents, airport operational services and state services.  According to the airport, continuous cooperation, exchange of information and finding common solutions to various issues helped to develop and implement some small-scale measures, which contributed to shortening the average weekly baggage delivery time to a little over 20 minutes.
Chopin Airport boosted its performance by streamlining data flow and logistics processes.  For example, it made space for baggage trolleys adjacent to the sorting area available to handling agents and changed its traffic arrangements.  Additional flight information details, including the assigned handling agent and the expected baggage delivery time, were included on display screens.
Procedures for outgoing baggage were modified.  Check-in staff were instructed to use baggage trays more often and to lay bags flat on the conveyor belt.  The process of informing passengers about baggage delayed for security checks was also made more efficient.
In January 2013, Chopin Airport handled an average of 8,242 bags in outbound traffic and 6,023 bags in arriving traffic.
(Image:  Chopin)