NATS and Mitsubishi Research Institute Sign MoU

NATS’ Chief Executive Officer Richard Deakin and Etsuo Isobe, MRI’s Management Executive Officer, Solution Business Unit, signed the MoU at a ceremony on February 4 at the British Embassy in Tokyo. (NATS)

Air traffic services provider NATS has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI) in Japan.
The agreement will see NATS and MRI explore opportunities for collaboration on various air traffic management (ATM) projects.  These are likely to include air traffic flow management in Japan and the Asia Pacific region and increasing capacity and optimisation of ground operations at a number of airports.
British Ambassador to Japan Tim Hitchens commented:  “Civil aerospace is a sector that the UK Government attaches a great deal of importance to.  It is a real pleasure to see that NATS and MRI have now signed a MoU to enable them to work together in providing the latest, modern flight management services to airport projects both in Japan and overseas.”
MRI has a wide-ranging ATM strategy that encompasses both long and short term projects in Japan, including demand forecasting and air traffic control optimisation – areas where NATS has a proven record of success elsewhere in the world.