Lowest Mishandled Baggage Rate in 2012

The USA’s largest airlines reported their lowest rate of mishandled baggage during 2012, and set high marks for on-time performance, the fewest long tarmac delays, and a low rate of cancelled flights.
According to the Air Travel Consumer Report issued today by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), the carriers posted a rate of 3.09 reports of mishandled baggage per 1,000 passengers, an improvement on 2011’s rate of 3.35 and their lowest rate of mishandled baggage for a year since this data was first reported in September 1987.
The 15 largest US airlines also posted an 81.85% on-time arrival rate during 2012, the third-highest annual performance in the 18 years the DOT has collected comparable data.  The highest was 82.14% in 2002, followed by 81.96% in 2003.  The 1.29% cancellation rate for the year also was the second-lowest rate for the past 18 years, with the lowest being the 1.24% mark set in 2002.
There were 42 tarmac delays longer than three hours on US domestic flights in 2012, down from 50 delays in 2011, which was the first full year the rule limiting tarmac delays was in effect.
“This remarkable decrease in flight delays, tarmac incidents, cancellations and mishandled bags is a tribute both to the hard work of the airlines and the Department of Transportation’s oversight of the aviation industry,” said US Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood.  “We will continue to work with the carriers to make air travel more convenient and hassle-free for consumers.”

(Image:  Vanderlande)