ADB Modernises Cape Town Runway

Airports Company South Africa has selected ADB Airfield Solutions to upgrade the aeronautical ground lighting (AGL) at Cape Town International Airport.
The company will supply and install its new AD lights for the runway centreline, touchdown and taxiway centreline, the new EREL LED runway edge lights as well as runway closure crosses, which are part of its ‘green’, energy-efficient LED lighting portfolio.  The new closure markets will allow easier airfield maintenance by allowing the airport staff to close commercial operations on the runway when needed.
ADB will also undertake secondary cable replacement, enabling to main civil construction contractor to strengthen the runway strips by importing vast quantities of asphalt.  The scope includes commissioning services and the relocation of AGL manholes to 164ft (50m) from the runway edge.  This will improve access to the series transformers for maintenance on a day-to-day basis.
Christian Onselaere, CEO of ADB, commented:  “[The airport] is by far one of Africa’s busiest and since the runway will continue to support air traffic during the course of the upgrade, this project demands impeccable standards of quality.”
The project is scheduled to be completed in July 2013.
(Image:  ADB)