Brussels $50m Diamond Heist

Up to around US$50 million’s worth of precious stones was stolen on February 18 from a Helvetic Airways passenger aircraft at Brussels Airport, Belgium.
Reports say that eight masked gunmen dressed in police uniforms broke through the airport’s perimeter security fence, driving two vehicles up to the Zurich-bound plane.  Minutes earlier, staff from global security services provider Brinks had unloaded the diamonds on to the aircraft.
The thieves moved 120 parcels from the plane’s hold to their vehicles and escaped.  No shots were fired during the event, which is reported to have lasted less than five minutes.  The van believed to be used in the robbery was later found burnt out on the outskirts of Brussels.
According to The Guardian, Jan van der Crujsse, a Brussels Airport spokesperson, could not explain how the thieves were able to break through the fence, reportedly saying: “We abide by the most stringent rules.”