easyJet Weight-Reducing Trial

3) easyJet

UK airline easyJet has begun a 12-month trial of the Zonal Dryer system, which has been designed to reduce the weight of an aircraft.
The units, made by Swedish CTT Systems, weigh less than 66lbs (30kg) each and will be installed on four A320 aircraft.  Designed to lessen weight-increasing moisture by up to 551lbs (250kg) per flight – the equivalent of 12 hold bags –they also aim to improve passenger air quality, by channelling dry air to the upper section of the aircraft.
According to the airline, its fleet is one of the greenest, claiming that an easyJet passenger’s carbon footprint is already 22% less than a passenger on another airline flying on the same route and using an identical type of aircraft.
The Zonal Drying system comprises a fan, heater and a moisture-absorbing, silica-impregnated rotor made of light-weight fibre glass.  It will reportedly contribute towards reducing the airline’s £1.2 billion (US$1.9bn) annual fuel bill.
Flight Operations Manager at easyJet, Captain Chris Foster, commented:  “There is the potential to save 4.5 million kg of fuel per year.”
(Image:  easyJet)