Passenger Processing at Brussels

Global engineering giant ARINC Incorporated has provided new passenger processing systems at Brussels Airport in Belgium.
Its common use passenger processing systems (CUPPS) compliant vMUSE systems have been installed on nearly 500 workstations and ARINC will provide full maintenance and support services.
The company has provided 40 common use self-service check-in kiosks, and fitted its VeriPax passenger verification system integrated with existing KABA gates to control access to airside terminals.  It has also installed its AviNet global networking solution at the airport to provide secure wide area network connectivity to airlines’ host systems.
The vMUSE platform aims to maximise the use of airport infrastructure through shared workstations, reducing complex and expensive hardware systems.  ARINC claims the system can support any application and is fully scalable to any size.  The manufacturer says the open design allows easy integration with flight information displays, baggage reconciliation, gate management, and operational databases.  CUPPS technology is said to reduce the time and effort in deploying airline applications by standardising technical requirements to give cost savings and faster set-up.