Budapest Opens new Air Traffic Control Centre

The new Hungarian air navigation centre was inaugurated in Budapest on February 27, 2013, bringing the Hungarian air navigation service provider’s complex investment programme to a conclusion.  The high tech centre will further enhance the air transport infrastructure of both Hungary and Central Europe as a whole.
The opening ceremony was held in the presence of representatives from the European Commission, EUROCONTROL, the Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency (TEN-T EA) and the Hungarian government.
The project, called ANS III, is a key component of the complex development programme sponsored by HungaroControl to strengthen air traffic management (ATM) efficiency and to ensure that the Hungarian air navigation service provider meets the European Union’s performance objectives.
It involved building a state-of-the-art ATM control centre with the potential to implement cutting edge technologies and to provide efficient services to civil aviation.  The European Union supported the project via its TEN-T Programme and with a €6 million grant managed through the TEN-T EA.
The new ATM centre is equipped with the MATIAS air navigation and communication system – recognised across the world and developed with the participation of HungaroControl, the Hungarian air navigation service provider (ANSP).  The opening of ANS III provides the opportunity for HungaroControl to centralise its research and
innovation efforts at a single location, thus creating a state-of-the-art air navigation research, development and simulation knowledge centre.
Mr Frank Brenner, Director General of EUROCONTROL praised the ANS III project, stating that it: “demonstrates a strong commitment on Hungary’s and HungaroControl’s side to contribute to the development of the European ATM network and the Single
European Sky while serving the needs of airspace users in an efficient manner”.
HungaroControl says the transition to the new system was conducted successfully and in close co-operation with EUROCONTROL, causing no delays to airlines.
Kornél Szepessy, Chief Executive Officer of HungaroControl, said that “Investments in the ANS III Programme fit organically into the objectives set by the Single European Sky initiative, assisting the highest possible technical/technological operating quality of the Central European functional airspace block.
“Additionally, developments at HungaroControl ensure in the long run that the Hungarian air navigation service provider belongs at the forefront of European technical and technological advancement.”
The new ATM centre is already controlling Hungarian airspace.  Following handover from NATO/KFOR it is aiming to manage the upper airspace over Kosovo in co-operation with international stakeholders.