Narita International Selects Morpho Baggage Screening

Japan’s Narita International Airport has purchased 13 high-speed CTX 9800 DSi explosives detection systems (EDS) for hold baggage screening from Morpho Detection.
The systems are certified by the US Transportation Security Administration and are capable of screening more than 1,000 bags per hour.  All 13 units will be integrated into the baggage handling system to replace legacy systems, bringing the total number of CTX EDS units in service at Narita International to around 40.
The CTX 9800 uses Morpho’s Clarity technology, which enables it to screen checked luggage at higher speeds while continuing to deliver high-definition 3-D imaging of each bag.  It uses computed tomography imaging technology to reportedly screen bags faster and with fewer false alarms.
(Image:  Morpho)