San Diego Awarded LEED Gold

The new Receiving and Distribution Center (RDC) at San Diego International Airport, USA, has received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification from the United States Green Building Council.
The RDC is the first facility at the airport and the first of its type in the world to receive the distinction.  Gold is the second-highest certification available, second to Platinum.
The 23,000sq ft (2,136.8m2) building is located on the north side of the airfield and opened in December 2012.  It provides a central delivery location for food, beverage, retail and other goods used at the airport.
Thella F Bowens, President/CEO of the Airport Authority, commented:  “We’re committed to incorporating significant sustainable features into each new construction project at San Diego and to working with airport partners to achieve the same level of commitment to sustainable buildings and operating practices.  Recognition such as this helps raise awareness about the importance of utilising green building principles.”
Some of the RDC’s sustainable elements include its solar hot water system and its water-efficient plumbing, which utilises 40% less potable water.  Delivery truck traffic has been reduced by 50-75 trips per day and the trucks which deliver to the terminals are powered by biodiesel.  Additionally, more than 95% of construction waster produced by the project was diverted from landfills via recycling or salvaging efforts.
(Image:  SAN)