Emirates and Qantas Welcome ACCC Decision on Partnership

Emirates and Qantas have welcomed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) approval of their partnership for a period of five years.  The decision follows a six month review process by the ACCC that included several rounds of public submissions, a pre-decision conference and a comprehensive analysis of the benefits the
partnership will deliver to customers.
“This is a truly game-changing partnership that brings together two of the world’s best airlines and offers some of the highest quality travel experiences,” said Tim Clark, President, Emirates Airline.
“Dubai is a leading global hub and through it, our two airlines will connect Australia
to Europe, the UK and Northern Africa more smoothly than ever before,” added Mr
Chief Executive Officer of the Qantas Group Alan Joyce said the decision was great
news for Australian travellers and local tourism, as well as the airline itself.
“Qantas is an Australian icon and the future of its international business is much
brighter with this partnership,” said Mr Joyce.
“Customers are already responding very strongly to the joint network that Qantas and
Emirates have built, and to the frequent flyer benefits that extend across it, with a significant increase in bookings.”
As part of the decision, Qantas and Emirates have committed to maintain current
levels of capacity on the four routes that both airlines fly between Australia and New Zealand.  Subject to approval in New Zealand, the two airlines say their ability to cooperate on these Trans-Tasman routes creates the potential for them to market both Australia and New Zealand to their global networks.
Qantas and Emirates applied to the ACCC for authorisation of their partnership in
September 2012.  In December the ACCC released its draft determination, indicating its intention to approve the partnership for a period of five years.
In January 2013, the ACCC approved an application for interim approval, which enabled the two airlines to coordinate pricing, schedules and capacity in advance of the March 27 decision.  Fares on the joint network went on sale in mid-January for travel from March 31, 2013, subject to regulatory approval.
Preparations for the partnership, including Qantas’ new operational hub in Dubai, are now
complete.  The first flight is scheduled from Sydney to London (via Dubai) on March 31.